Contouring? Help!

The craze in make up right now seems to be contouring. Everyone is doing it, especially with Kim Kardashian West and the rest of the Kardashians posting pictures on their Instagram and other social media about contouring. So what exactly is it and how do I do it? Is it hard? Have no fear all of these questions will be answered and more just follow this post and you will be contouring like Kim K. in no time!

So, what exactly is contouring? Basically all it is doing is highlighting and darkening certain parts of your face to get that definite shape. Contouring can make your face look more polished and help to accentuate parts of the face that might not otherwise be noticed. For example when you contour you darken underneath your cheek bones to make them more prominent.

Contouring is tricky because there are so many different way to contour and different products to use. You can contour with creamy products for a very defined and heavy contour or you can keep it simple and contour with powder. I like both of these looks and they are both relatively easy. I contour with my powder every day, but I usually only contour with creamy products when I have big plans. Sometimes for a very defined look I will contour with my liquid makeup then go back over it with my powder for even more of the “wow” factor. What I mean when I say “creamy products” is cover up or foundation. They have kits where you can buy the creamy contour products, but I personally think contouring with cover up work just as well (this is also the cheaper way.)

When contouring with creamy products, I’ve found that coverup sticks work really well, but so does regular liquid coverup. Mainly it is all about what you feel more comfortable with and how well you are at applying the product. Either way you should have one product that is two shades darker and one that is two shades lighter. When doing this it is important to look for a matte (not shiny) product, the matte will give it more of a shadow effect. When you contour with powder it is basically the same principles, but with powder, be sure to blend evenly no matter which contouring you decide.

If you have ever looked up contouring I’m sure you’ve seen these girls and think they looked so weird with all of those lines of dark and light makeup all over their faces. It is hard for me to explain where you should darken and where you should highlight because every face shape is different and it is important to make sure you are contouring correctly for your face shape. Because of this dilemma I have posted a link at the bottom of the article about contouring correctly for your face shape!

Another important part of contouring properly, or when applying any makeup really, is using the correct brushes. One of the most important parts of contouring is blending and it is important to have either a blending brush or a beauty blender. Fan brushes are also really nice to have because they help to “fan” the makeup out to the jaw line and down the neck. I know there are so many brushes out there, so I posted a link to which brushes are used for what. I know I posted this in last weeks post, but having the proper brushes is crucial when applying makeup properly.

The last thing I want to focus on today is how important taking off your makeup is! Your skin is something that you have from the day you are born until you die and it is very important to make sure it is healthy. Yes it is fun putting on all of this makeup and dressing your face up, but it is just as important to keep your face looking just as nice without makeup. Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day and keep your brushes as clean as possible, you don’t want bacteria building up and breaking out your pretty face! Thanks for reading this week, come back next week for more makeup tips!

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All Natural

I know how busy I am most of the time, so I can imagine how busy every one else is. The natural look is the best way to look your best and it is very simple. With just a few simple strokes and a few products, you’ll be rocking the natural look in no time.

When doing the natural look you always want to start with concealer. Concealer covers all of the blemishes that you don’t want everyone else to see. Concealer is also great for the morning after long study session, when most of us have those dreaded dark circles under our eyes. The best way to conceal these dark circles is to make a triangle shape under the eye and to slowly fill it in, then blend it in with your skin. Below I have posted a link that shows the correct way to do this and some other tricks that concealer is good for.

After using the concealer next is liquid foundation. Liquid foundation is probably the most important part of makeup, in my opinion. You can do so much with the correct liquid foundation, it can also effect how clear your skin is. When applying liquid foundation you want to have a proper foundation brush. Some people feel more comfortable using their fingers to spread the foundation; this is okay but make sure your hands are very clean and instead of using your index finger use your middle and fourth finger. These fingers are the most weak and are not as rough on your skin. If you feel comfortable using a brush, this is probably your best option. Once you decide how you want to apply the foundation, apply a thin layer to cover your entire face; making sure to get the edges of your face and even going down onto the neck if need be.

After applying the liquid foundation you move to loose powder. Loose powder helps to illuminate the skin and to keep your face from looking “shiny.” Again, it is important to use powder that not only matches your skin tone, but does not cause your skin to break out or become very dry. When applying powder it is important to use the proper brush. Below there is a link that shows different types of makeup brushes and their uses. When I apply loose mineral powder I pour/shake the powder into the lid of the case, this way you are not getting too much powder on the brush and the powder will not look grainy on your skin. I then dab/swirl my brush on my skin to help cover the “shiny” look I was talking about earlier. I continue this pattern until my entire face is covered. Once your face is covered make sure your neck still matches my face and if it does not take apply powder around the neck area until your face matches your neck.

Next we use blush, with blush it is very important to find the proper shade of pink. You do not want a pink that is too light or too dark for your face. To apply blush simply swirl the brush in the blush pallet, then apply to your cheek bones. Cheekbones are weird, they are in different spots for everyone, the best way to find your cheekbones is to make a fish face and the bones that stick out are your cheekbones. Apply the blush by moving your brush only upward, never downward. Continue this until you start to se a light shade of pink, do not apply too much blush because that defeats the purpose of the “natural look.”

To finish off this look we will use mascara. You can, but do not have to, curl your eye lashes. If you have an eyebrow brush you can use the prickly side to brush your lashes upward to continue to make them look longer. I have very short eye lashes so I always have to work with mine to make them look longer. When applying mascara you take the mascara wand and move it in an upward motion to make your lashes look longer and thicker.

One last thing to remember anytime you apply makeup is to be sure to wash it off every night. Skin is very sensitive and very important to take care of. Another important tip is to make sure you wash your brushes regularly, if you do not do this bacteria can build up into your brushes and only be harmful to your skin.

There you have it! This is the best way to get an all natural look that will last you all day. This look is best when on the run or in a hurry. Below I have posted links on which makeup brushes to use and helpful tips for concealer. I hope you have enjoy reading and be on the look out for my next post on how to contour like a Kardashian!

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