Tips for Longer Lasting Makeup

By now I’ve talked about two different ways of applying makeup, now I think we should discuss how to make makeup stay. The two best ways, that I have come across anyway, are primer and setting spray. Primer and setting spray are very helpful, depending on what brands you get, some sprays and primer have been known to last for up to twenty-four hours.

Certain primers can have more value than just making your makeup last for long periods of time. There are primers that have SPF in them to help protect your skins from harmful UV rays given off by the sun. There are also primers that have moisturizers in them to keep your face from drying out. Not only do primers have different ingredients in them to make your makeup stay longer and to help your skin; there are also primers for just about every part of your face. A few examples are eye shadow primers and lipstick priers. The ones that I find most useful are primers that you apply before foundation and eye shadow primer. I am very busy throughout the day, as I’m sure most of you are as well; and my foundation and eye shadow tend to wear off quickly by the end of the day.

When applying foundation primer be sure to apply a thin-even layer all over your face. When applying primers for the eyes make sure you apply a thin-even layer from the bottom of the eye-lid to the eyebrow. When choosing an eye shadow primer be sure you are clear on the color; some have shimmer and match skin tones, you don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t match your skin and won’t be able to use.

After you apply your primer and make up then comes the setting spray! Setting spray can be tricky, when spraying your face you want to make sure it isn’t too close. You should typically keep the spray at about arms length (make sure your eyes and lips are closed) and spray. It is better to spray your face at an angle so for example turn your face slightly to the right for the first spray; then angle your face toward the left for the second spray. Two sprays should be enough to cover all of your face, you don’t want to clog your pores. When looking at any type of setting spray or makeup in general, it is important to read reviews on products to make sure they are gentle on your skin and do not clog your pores.

These products are great for an event or if you have an important day planned. They also save time because you aren’t constantly applying makeup touch-ups throughout the day. Anytime I know I’m going to have a big day ahead of me I use both of these products to make sure I am prepared for the day.


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