Concealer Tips and Tricks

Concealer can be one of the most helpful/trickiest pieces of makeup to use. Concealer can, at times, feel like a godsend when a person has unwanted blemishes. Applying concealer isn’t always easy, and finding the perfect match for your skin type can be just as difficult. However, with a little help from the Internet and magazines there is a way to help determine the best concealer for your perfect look!


Not only are different colors and types of concealers, but also there are also different types. This can be very overwhelming when going to the store to buy concealer, but don’t worry it isn’t as scary as it seems! If you are wanting to cover up you’re breakouts or redness on your skin, green concealer works the best. Orange/salmon colored concealer is the best for the unwanted bruises or bags under your eyes. Pink concealer covers up all of the blemishes that you don’t want people to see such as: old scars, sunspots and age spots.


Now that I’ve explained how to properly use the different shades of concealer I want to discuss which type of concealer is best for your skin type. Much like foundation it is important to find the appropriate concealer for your skin type. If you have oily skin the best type of concealer for you to us is a stick concealer. The stick concealer has clay in it that helps absorb any excess oils and will leave you with a perfect all day look. For people with dry skin the best type of concealer is a creamy one, as always before applying any type of make up make sure your skin is moisturized and exfoliated before putting on concealer; especially with dry skin. If you tend to have wrinkles the best concealer for you to use is a tinted concealer that is bright; the brightness won’t settle into the lines on your face and will leave you with a natural looking glow! If you have allergies that make your eyes and face swell it is best to take an ice cube and place it over the swelled area than tap on concealer.


As always, it is super important to wash off your makeup at the end of the day. Yes makeup is nice, but you need to give your skin a break and show off your natural beauty! Cleaning makeup brushes, though tedious, is also really important in helping keep your face clean and healthy.


Here are some examples of the types of concealer:



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