4 Makeup Tricks Everyone Should Know

Makeup can be tricky, so when you find tricks to help you, it’s important to keep those with you. Today I want to give you five simple makeup tricks that anyone can do. These tricks will not only make your makeup last longer, but also make the application process simpler.

  1. Mix Primer with your Foundation

Squeeze some primer onto the back of your hand then pour some liquid foundation onto your hand as well. Taking your liquid foundation brush mix the two together until they are thoroughly blended. Then apply the mix like you would any other foundation. This trick helps to make the foundation stay longer, it also helps to make your powder stay. By mixing the primer with the foundation you are avoiding having your makeup feel/look caked on. This also helps to make the foundation go on smoother, for a perfect look.

2. Use a spoon to apply bottom lash mascara

All over the internet there have been tutorials about using makeup with a spoon. From what I’ve seen they look moderately simple, but could cause a challenge. Applying bottom mascara with a spoon seemed to be the easiest article I found. You place the spoon under your bottom lashes and then apply the mascara as you normally would. This helps from smudging the mascara on the skin underneath the lashes.

3. Add Visine to mascara

Mascara should be replaced every 3-4 months, but some of them tend to dry out before the normal period. By placing one or two drops of visine (or any drugstore eye drops) the mascara will become more liquid and begin applying like it was brand new. Doing this also helps the mascara to go on smoother and without the dreading clumping.

4.Re-use Old Mascara Wands

When you are done with an old tube of mascara, save the wand/applicator, wash it off and re-use it as an eyebrow brush! The mascara wand makes for a perfect eyebrow brush. Another cool trick you can do with the wand is dust it across your bronzer then run the brush over your eyebrows. This will help to quickly fill in your eyebrows without the hassle of using eyebrow liner and worrying about whether your eyebrows are even or not.

These little tricks are simple and not very time consuming! They will help to enhance your beauty one step at a time! Remember to always wash off your makeup at the end of the night and to frequently clean your brushes.


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